Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You Can't Take Away the Land

Listen to this while you read:

The Gold Hill Inn was the first place that Alan took me when we started dating. We've been back each of the last 23 years to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and just good times. In the days after our house was destroyed, we listened anxiously to the news to find out whether the Gold Hill Inn had survived. We heard it was gone, it was there, that they had bulldozed a big area around it to save it. We were so relieved to find that it had survived. A part of our history remained after the fire.

It's the holiday season, and I'm going to try to write each day about giving thanks. As Andi (my favorite blogger) says, the secret of life is gratitude. Tonight, I'm grateful that I will celebrate my birthday at the Gold Hill Inn, just as I normally would. I also get to hear Moors and McCumber, who created the song You Can't Take Away the Land. When I first heard this song tonight, I cried. The second, third, and fourth times I listened to it, I smiled. I am so lucky. The Fire couldn't take away my land. It couldn't take away the Gold Hill Inn. It couldn't take my history. It can't take my future.

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